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Student Suite [Premium Notion Template]


Are you a student who wants to STAY organized and keep everything in one place?

Look, I was a student once too. I understand how stressful it can be having a different notebook for every class, half of your schedule and tasks on google calendar and the other half in a forgotten jounral under your dorm room bed. I went through the stress of college and high school and that is why I created this template to help the most serious students.

The great thing about this Notion template is there are 5 pages. It's not overwhelming, but it also has everything you will need. Track all of the following: Assignments, classes, professors, flashcards for studying, and notes during lectures.

I put 50+ hours into creating this template designed for student productivity. It rids distraciton and keeps you on task. You can watch this video to further your understanding on how to use the Student Suite template.

Students are LOVING the Notion Student Suite.

Happy Notioning.

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You will get 5 Actionable Pages

Assignments Page
Keep track of upcoming assignments and sort by priority.
Classes Page
Link your assignments to your classes to stay organized.
Professors Page
Keep track of professor information and link professors to classes and notes.
Flashcards Page
Test yourself with fantastic flashcards that connect to your assignments.
Notes Page
Sort notes by class or assignment. Enjoy a true second brain in Notion for school.
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Student Suite [Premium Notion Template]

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