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Notion GTD Dashboard [Free Template]


Are you struggling to stay on task and get things done?

This Notion GTD dashboard comes with a beautiful hub that allows for easily sorting tasks and projects for your business or personal life.

This an an effective time managment method created by the American producitvity consultant, David Allen. Putting this GTD dashboard to practice will surely increase your productivity and effectiveness at getting tasks complete.

I created this free template to help sort your tasks and projects by certain areas of your life. If you are sturggling to understand how to use this template you can watch this video to further your understanding.

Stay productive :)

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The BEST GTD Dashboard

Intuitive Inbox
Pulls in tasks created by you to be catorgerized.
Automatic Review Section
Reminds you to review out-of-date tasks/projects.
Organized Tasks by Project
Sorts tasks to projects or certain areas of your life.
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Notion GTD Dashboard [Free Template]

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